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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist   Grief Counselor   Author    Speaker    

Practical Help For a Happier Life

I am an experienced Marriage & Family Therapist and Grief Counselor.

My approach is to provide practical help to assist you with problems

and increase your sense of well-being.

Many people begin to feel better after the first session.

Counseling to Help You With

Couples & Marriage Problems



Individual Problems

Family Problems

Stress Reduction & Stress Management  

Counseling is Available In-Person and via Teleconferencing using Zoom  

Grief Support

Grief Counseling & Consultation

Support Groups

Programs for Groups, Churches, Funeral Homes

Training for Support Group Facilitators

Information about South Puget Sound Resources

Certified Celebrant: A Life Tribute Professional     

Chapel, Graveside & Entombment Ceremonies

Family & Friend Receptions

Home and Community Tributes Personalized to Honor Your Loved One


*Read Geoff's E-books available on Amazon Kindle

Stress Is an Option, Not a Requirement - Expanded Edition

Rose Echoes: Glimpses of Life, Real and Imagined (Poetry)

The Owl - A Story of Survival and Hope (Fiction)

Gospel Rhymes - Bible Stories in Poesy

A Hundred Poems


Available to talk to private and business groups,  churches, community events and other settings.

Topics include

*Positive Psychology and Happiness

*Grief - What Everyone Should Know

*Grief - How to Help Others who are Grieving

*Dealing with Stress

*Adult Children - Healing and Hope

253-283-4981 - Mobile/Text

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